Veterans 4 America First Institute

Honoring the country’s commitment to our Veterans and Military while keeping America First and protecting our freedoms.


To preserve and expand our nation’s commitment to our Veterans, military, and their families through public education and advocacy. The Veterans 4 America First Institute will build upon the solutions that draw on the principle of freedom.


V4AF is dedicated to deploying five Centers of Excellence that will research and develop America First principle to improve the lives of Veterans.


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Protecting Healthcare Choice & Access

America’s Veterans deserve the Best Health Care and the Right to Choose their provider, in or out of the VA.

Veterans Economic Potential

Access to VA Benefits and other tools must be updated and reformed to fully equip and empower today’s Veterans to achieve their full economic potential.

Promoting Respect for Veterans and Their Legal Rights

Veterans have made the greatest sacrifice of time, health, the stability of their families. These sacrifices must be respected and honored as they return to civilian life.

Demanding VA Reform and Innovation

The VA can no longer be managed as the usual government bureaucratic enterprise.

A Pentagon Worthy of Veterans Sacrifice

The purpose of the military is to wage war and win. Military Leadership must maintain focused upon these goals avoiding dangerous political distractions.




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1655 North Fort Myer Drive, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22208

V4AF is a nonprofit corporation.
Its application for 501c3 status is in process.