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Health Care and Veteran Choice

Both political parties recognized that America’s veterans deserve the best health care, whether it’s found inside VA or in the private sector. But this choice is being neglected and is at risk of going away. V4A is here to defend this bipartisan policy that has benefitted millions of veterans, and to make sure VA is working most effectively for those who wore the uniform.


Protecting and expanding veterans’ choice through VA watchdog activities and pushing for legislation as necessary to defend choice.

Mental Health

Increasing mental health care awareness and expanding options for at-risk veterans.

VA Care

Lifting the veil on VA care so veterans fully understand their options.

Veteran Experience

Boosting veterans’ experience by ensuring access to the latest technology that improves customer service and gives them single point access and 24/7 self-service.

Best Practices

Connecting VA and private sector providers so they can share best practices and ensure the best possible care for veterans.

"We will deliver these results by channeling the voice of veterans in support of legislative and regulatory change."

Darin S.

Let's Work Together!

To preserve and expand our nation’s commitment to our Veterans, Military, and their families. 


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V4AFI is an approved 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.