A Pentagon Worthy of Veteran Sacrifice

Honoring the country’s commitment to our Veterans and Military while keeping America First and protecting our freedoms.

Center of Excellence

Center for a Strong Military

America’s military sons and daughters are the nation’s most precious resource, its time to start treating them that way. The military’s primary purpose is to win wars by identifying key objectives, coordinating forces and maintaining morale, and carrying out clear missions that support clear victories. The center will provide educational support and advocacy to promote and support America’s national interests.

Center Initiatives

Military History & Purpose Education

Strong advocacy capability for military missions focused on clear engagement strategy focused on America’s direct national interests.

Servicemember Support

Widely proliferated education programs defining proper use of military force and capabilities.

Spouse and Family Support

Rigorous and accessible resources and support for servicemembers and their families to cope with unique challenges of military service.

"America’s Armed Forces are more than our last line of defense. They are our sons and daughters who love our way of life and are willing to risk everything to keep it. We must ensure our military leaders have the same clear vision as they defend our interests abroad."

Jason Beardsley
Board of Directors

Let's Work Together!

To preserve and expand our nation’s commitment to our Veterans, Military, and their families. 


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