Veterans Economic Potential

Honoring the country’s commitment to our Veterans and Military while keeping America First and protecting our freedoms.

Center of Excellence

Center for Veteran Economic Achievement

The ability to find a well-paying job, buy a home and invest in a strong community and pursue “life, liberty and happiness” should be the reward for defending our way of life.

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs should assist, enable and lead programs that result in Veteran financial well-being and economic achievement. The Center for Veteran Economic Achievement will engage and educate Veterans to improve their ability to achieve the America Dream.

"We will deliver these results by advancing ideas and policies that help veteran entrepreneurs and small business owners unlock their economic potential."

Camilo Sandoval
Board of Directors

Center Initiatives

Creating Veteran CEOs

Increase in Veteran owned businesses and thriving two+ years.

97 Percent Initiative

Veteran unemployment sustained under 3%.

Financial Empowerment Education

Financially literate Veterans.

Veteran Home Ownership

Veteran home ownership sustained at greater than 70%.

Benefits Gateway

Increase in income or wages by Veterans on benefits.

Eliminating Fraud Against Veterans

Increase prosecution and jailing of those who commit fraud against Veterans.

"Serving in the military should accelerate your pursuit of the American Dream. Consequently, Veteran unemployment should always be below the national average."

Dr. Paul Lawrence
Advisory Board

Let's Work Together!

To preserve and expand our nation’s commitment to our Veterans, Military, and their families. 


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