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Veterans file a claim to the Department of Veterans Affairs to receive disability compensation.  It’s a complicated process that can take anywhere from a month to a year to complete.  For all Veterans this is frustrating.

Filing for disability compensation is often the first interaction a new Veteran has with the VA.  If this experience is disappointing, many conclude that the VA is “broken” and simply not worth engaging with going forward.  With so many of those Veterans committing suicide not connected to the VA system, it’s important to address as many of the possible causes.

Veterans are allowed to file an unlimited number of times for disability compensation.  The idea being that often conditions worsen over time and an increase in the benefit is appropriate.  What this means, however, is most of those filing claims are already receiving benefits.  Further, given the numbers, Veterans applying for the first time are waiting behind a Veteran already receiving benefits.


Require the VA to prioritize first-time claims ahead of repeat claims (i.e. those filing for an increase).  Further, require the first-time claims to be completed in 30 days.


Veterans will receive their benefits faster and have a more positive impression of VA, based on this quick and responsive customer service.  This will improve their well-being and increase the likelihood of continuing to participate in the VA system.

Why is legislation needed

VA could do this now but has not.  Legislation is needed to increase their Veteran-centric approach and focus.  Veterans should never have to wait months or years to hear back and have processed their disability compensation claim from VA.



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November 5, 2021