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Bureaucrats are trying to escape accountability again, this time at the VA says former VA Secretary

Peter O’Rourke, former Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs, discusses his new op-ed ‘Stop Veterans Affairs from setting itself up to fail’

Stop Veterans Affairs from setting itself up to fail

Opinion. The Department of Veterans Affairs is abandoning a six-year-old law meant to make it easier to discipline or fire employees for misconduct or nonperformance.

VA should make decisions ‘starting and ending with the veterans’ it serves

Former Acting Secretary of the Veterans Administration, Peter O’Rouke, joins the show to talk about his founding of new group, Veterans 4 America First Institute.

FOX NEWS - Veterans 4 America First Institute

Veterans 4 America First Institute founders Peter O'Rourke and Darin Selnick provide insight on Fox & Friends Weekend

Former Trump Administration Senior Officials Selnick, O'Rourke, Rubinstein, and Sandoval Launch Veterans 4 America First (V4AF) Institute

Arlington, VA: Darin Selnick, Peter O'Rourke, Camilo Sandoval, and Reed Rubinstein, along with other key Trump Administration leaders and officials, today announced the launch of the nonprofit Veterans 4 America First (V4AF) Institute.

ICYMI: Dr. Paul Lawrence: Transforming Service to Veterans

V4AF takes great pride in announcing that former under secretary for benefits and advisory board member, Paul Lawrence, released "Transforming Service to Veterans"

Help us protect veterans' health care choice

In 2018, Democrats and Republicans in Congress decided it was time to give America’s veterans real, permanent health care choices.

How the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Is Killing its Veterans

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) arguably does more harm than good and that’s a problem America has to recognize.

A new VA wait-time scandal is brewing and we have no way to know how big it is

For those who can’t get care at a VA facility, community care under the VA MISSION Act should be an alternative. It isn’t working out that way.

Health equity for women, minority veterans can be achieved only through choice

Veterans who have earned health care benefits deserve to get high quality care and timely access that meets their needs.

Veterans shouldn't have to wait for quality care

Veterans should not have to endure low-quality health care. One of the key improvements made by the VA MISSION Act of 2018 was to ensure the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) always provides high-quality care at its facilities.

Senate committee advances $270 billion budget for VA

Senate appropriators voted Wednesday to advance the largest-ever budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs, backing President Joe Biden’s 10% increase for the agency.